WWJD: Jesus vs The Religious Mindset

Posted: October 14, 2010 in Mind Field

The other day, while getting gas, I overheard a conversation in the car next to mine. “I give my life for you” a gruff harsh voice said loudly. “I give all my money to you, you stupid woman” again he barked in the same threatening tone. As she moved around the pump to go into the store, I notice this very thin, shy young woman whom my heart went out to. “What a life she must be living”, I thought. What kind of a man would do this to another human being that we’re supposed to love? Then I heard the radio station the man in the car was listening to: the Christian radio station and a well known radio preacher. That’s who could do this, I thought, a religious mind.

A religious mind is a mind that is sure it is right and sure it is doing God’s work and will.  This  was the mindset that gave Jesus the most trouble. They attacked Him, attempted to trip  Him up, resisted, rejected, and argued with Him on just about every issue. Even while persecuting Jesus, they were sure they were rightly representing God’s viewpoints. Finally, the religious mind plotted and ensured His death by torture.

Jesus taught, when you encounter a religious mind, to “let them alone”. Knowing there is nothing more closed than the door to a religious mind. A mind that can crucify God’s own Son and not even know it, is a mind that cannot be penetrated. Paul taught, that no one knows any subject “as he ought” or completely, so why be so closed-minded? Be open to new ideas, new thoughts, and new perspectives. A closed mind is a wasted mind.

In my 37 years of following the teachings of Jesus, I have observed that not much has changed in 2000 years. God’s people are still pretty closed-minded, all the while sure they are doing God’s will and work in the earth. Countless are the times I have seen “Christians” carry out the same judgments, blame, arguments, and condemnations on anyone who didn’t see eye to eye with their “brand” of Christianity. Of course, they are sure they are right.

Today, Jesus and His religious minded followers are two very different people. He always exalts love and mercy over dogmatic doctrine (see His teachings on Keeping the Sabbath). A religious mind always exalts doctrine as an excuse to not show love. He forgives and accepts without hesitation while the religious mind attacks, blames and condemns. Jesus still inspires faith and hope, while the religious mind is full of worry, doubt, fear, unbelief and cruelty.

A religious mind has been the real enemy for 2000 years. Let them alone and follow Him.

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  1. Rich says:

    Great article Rick! 🙂 The religious mind really is a closed off mind, or rather a mind ignorant of some simple truths… Such as Gods loving nature.

    I find people who have ulterior selfish motives in ministry, or a false reverence for God, lack the simple spiritual truths that teach us how love is the royal law, that God is love, that if you love God you’ll love you’re neighbor.

    Scripture dosn’t say if you love God you’ll love your sinless, same doctrine, same church, same belief system neighbor… Just that you’re to love God’s people, in their imperfection and their differences, and mimic Gods nature as best you can.

    ALSO you should setup your blog articles to only display a portion of the blog with a “read more” type of link. I’m sure there is a setting in wordpress 🙂

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