New Release: Free MP3 series, “What’s on Your Mind?”

Posted: October 18, 2010 in Mind Field

Rick’s newest series is now available for download or to listen while surfing the net. “What’s on Your Mind?” is a new 5 part series dealing with the inherent power of our mind to bring us joy, peace, rest, ease, lightness, contentment and happiness. What a gift we have been given.

This series will show you how to set your mind on good and keep it there. How to drop those pesky negative thoughts and live a  true abundant life. It all starts in our thoughts. “Every relationship and condition in your life could change for the better and if you have not learned this skill of setting your mind on good, it’s just a matter of time until our own thoughts sabotage this new life.” Become the master of your mind and thoughts and no matter what happens in the conditions or relationships of your life, you will remain free and content.

Rick is available to speak at your event or Church without fee. “I believe so strongly in the benefit of these lessons, there is no charge or fee involved in speaking appearances. It’s my gift to you.”  Simply respond to this blog for more information.


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