HEREAFTER Movie: is there life after death?

Posted: October 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

Director Clint Eastwood has a new movie dealing with life after death. For reviews of that movie, follow this link to the Rotten Tomatoes website. For a blog on the subject of life after death, read on.

Modern science, quantum physics and the recent study of the sub-atomic world all agree: everything is energy. Another way of saying, all matter is made of the same sub-atomic substance, the same stuff. Of course, this agrees with a 6000 year old story of creation, namely that God created earth and man out of Himself. It’s all the same, coming from the same source. Since man is energy and energy is eternal, man is also eternal. Energy may change form, but will remain “alive”. The Bible teaches every human being will also live forever. That our mind, conscious self, or soul will never simply cease to exist.

Now comes the Hereafter Controversy. Jesus taught there are two possible outcomes for each human being. That all mankind would live eternally in one of these two final destinations. Of course, there have been many throughout history who firmly believe they know more about eternal life than Jesus. To you I say sincerely, good luck. To the rest, read on. Modern science has proven that all things are energy and energy is never-ending, man is energy, therefore an eternal being. Or simply, science has proven Jesus correct on this point. What if He is correct about the two destination thing, too? Of all the intelligent individuals, groups and schools of thought, doesn’t Jesus seem to be the odds on favorite to know the most about life and the hereafter? This is the conclusion I came to as a young college student in 1973 and nothing in all these years has ever came close to proving me wrong.

Why take my word or some famous author or millionaires word on the subject? Why hold such a strong opinion about such an important subject without ever taking the time to at least read what Jesus said? If interested, you can read the whole Gospel of John at . If you like that,  follow-up with the books of Matthew, Mark and Luke. Read it, think about it, keep an open mind and see what your own heart tells you about His words. Then make an intelligent decision for yourself.

There is life after death just as the decay of an apple, fertilizes the ground and releases more seed to produce even more apples. So too, you will live forever. The only question now is, where?

To hear more of this subject, my son Rich has a great MP3 audio called, “The Reality of the Gospel” you can listen to or download for free.

To read more on the hereafter, I recommend two books:

90 Minutes in Heaven, by Don Piper

A Devine Revelation of Hell, by Mary K. Baxter


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