24th Anniversary: Would I have taken the deal?

Posted: October 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

Nina and I celebrated 24 years together on Sunday and what do we have to show for all this time and work? We have no money in the bank, we own no property, and we drive a 16-year-old squeaky car. We have changed our name from Tidwell to the “Squeakwells”.

And this is what we do have after 24 years:

Good health for our whole family for almost the whole 24 years.
2 wonderful boys, in good health, both following Jesus, leading worship in our Church and a witness to their generation.
We live in a beautiful house, 1 block from the ocean in one of the most beautiful places on earth.
We both love our job, serving the people of God and our vision for the future has never been more “on fire”.
Both of us are thinking better than ever and more emotionally healthy than at any time in our lives.

And….yes, we are still in Love. After 24 years.

My question is, would I have taken this “deal” 24 years ago if it were offered to me? The answer is, in a heartbeat! There was a 10 year period in there, where we had a lot of money, a thriving business, a big new house, 2 new cars, 5 vacations a year and guess what else we had? Our marriage was crumbling all around us. We decided then that we were more important than money, our family was more important than possessions and God has honored that decision. One thing I would like to see improve is this, more gratitude for all these wonderful blessings in my life and less focus on what may be “missing”.

And now we are off to St Augustine, the oldest continual city in America, to celebrate the first day of our 25th year!


For more info on St Augustine, click here.

  1. Doug Phillips says:

    Rick and Nina,

    Congrats to the both of you! In a society where it’s easier to quit than it is to fight for something so special as a marriage you not only are honoring God, you are creating two beautiful children that will learn from you and honor God as well.

    Bernadette and I celebrated 27 years in August. Bernadette and I were like you, money and possessions were way too important in our lives and like you our marriage was not where it should have been. Like you we are pleased to say we are honoring God and the riches we seek are those we can only obtain if we go to Heaven! The possesions we had are junk! We have no need or use for them and have committed our life to be minimalists! Whenever we want something, we buy something for someone else or use the funds for others!

    May the Lord Bless you with saved souls, healthy children that follow Christ and a marriage that grows every day!

    God Bless,

    Doug Phillips

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