Is the “Rehab Party” as good as it gets?

Posted: October 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

Rarely will I watch TV commercials. Usually I am surfing channels or just hit the heavenly gift called, the mute button. Last night while surfing, I came across a reality show called something like “Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock Casino”. Well, this show is nothing about rehabilitation….LOL, but simply the name of the daily pool party at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. Not much has changed for thousands of years.

My question is: is that all there is? Is that the best the world has to offer? The show reveals a wild party, $3000 bar tabs, bikini’s, fistfights, and people in general dancing, screaming, shouting and having the time of their lives. I do not question that this event “feels good” to the participants while it is happening. My question again is: is that all there is? This seems to be portrayed as the best life can be – lots of money, drunken abandon and casual sex with strangers.  And if you are lucky, you may get to come here too, is the message.

This life choice became boring to me at the wise old age of 19. Suffer for most of my week, most of my year, most of my life in exchange for a few hours per week and maybe a few weeks a year of feeling really good. Then of course, there is always the “piper to pay” for this pleasure. Tickets, fines, bodily injury, ill-health, lost relationships, STD’s and sometimes even life itself. Wow. Who made up that game? There must be a better way to feel good, I thought. About that time, as a young college mind,  I decided to check out what the ancient spiritual masters had to say about the subject. All of them said the same thing: this kind of pleasure ends in pain. Jesus even took it a step further, saying true joy, peace and good feeling came through following His teachings in this life.

Personally, I have discovered He meant what He said. It is possible to feel good all the time, without having to pay the piper. To live easy and light, happy and content everyday regardless of conditions. There is a better way, an alternative to this few hours a week, poor imitation of happiness. You are better than that. Do not settle for less than what God believes you deserve.

I am starting a new series, “Feel Good, Feel God” this Sunday, live at Ponce Church. If you can’t be there, there will be more blogs and the MP3’s will be uploaded as soon as they are ready. Until then check out the other free MP3’s here.

Be well. Have fun. Feel good, feel God.

  1. Joan Hines says:

    Wonderful messages. Since I’m a snowbird right now and can’t attend Ponce Church year round I have really enjoyed getting Pastor Rick’s messages. I made a New Year resolution in 2010 to attend church again after many years and started with Ponce Church and Pastor Rick. This is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. Since 1/1/10 I have read the Holy Bible twice through, done alot of soul searching, attended a revival and rededicated my life to being a Christian. I know it’s a daily struggle to always think right but Pastor Rick and his family have given me the inspiration to think that Jesus is here with me through the Holy Spirit every day and I can make a difference with my actions. I also know that attending a church is very important because we need the support of other Christians to help us keep focusing on doing the right thing to help others.

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