Nina and I and 12 Gay Guys

Posted: November 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

We were having lunch at one of our favorite new restaurants ( New York Bagel and Deli on A1A – here’s a link to their Facebook page) and we noticed about 3 tables full of guys. They were all seeming to be enjoying their lunch and their company. After a few minutes, we noticed they were all gay. When they left, I thought, they sure were a lively group and would liven up any Church group. Then I thought, what if God sent them to Ponce Church or I had invited them and they accepted? How would we respond? How did Jesus treat religious “outsiders”? The people that were despised by the “Churches” and religious leaders of His time.

In my lifetime, most spent as a follower of the teachings of Jesus, it seems the gay crowd and the abortion crowd are lightening rods for “correction” from God’s spokespeople of today. The judging, worrying, doubting, fault finding over-eaters seem to get a free pass. Why do some groups get a free pass and others do not? Who decides anyway? Shouldn’t we all get a free pass, especially since God has given free passes to all? Didn’t Jesus give all the outsiders of His day, special attention, since they were told so often God “hated them”,or possibly, “loved them but hated their sin”, which is how we phrase it today.

The world has had enough of this religious baloney and have turned their back on the One who does love them, “just as they are” and I don’t blame them. God has given us a ministry of reconciliation and we have turned it into a ministry of separation. He is not holding sins against anyone, He has made everyone, through Christ, holy, blameless and without one single fault. And yet, we do not tell people this. How can they believe it until someone “preaches” it?

What would this world be like if, for the last 50 years, all they ever heard from the Church is this “free pass” message? For the last fifty years, hearing Christians of every denomination telling them, “God is not holding your sin against you, He has made you His friend, holy, blameless, and without a single fault”, just as you are. How many would have believed our report?

Folks, Jesus changed everything. The religious people of His day did not understand this and neither do the religious voices of today. Everyone gets a free pass. No one deserves it or ever will. It’s free to all who believe and how shall they believe if we don’t tell them?

For the scripture references quoted above ( Col 1:21,22,  II Cor 5: 18-20, Rom 5:10,11  New Living Translation) check out the Blue Letter Bible web site.

  1. Joan Hines says:

    It would be interesting to see how the “gay” guys would be received at Ponce Church. I like to think that they would be welcomed and they would learn something very positive from Pastor Rick’s message. We aren’t the ones to judge someone. God knows how a person acts and feels and we can only try to set a good example so they will want to be a part of the Christian family.

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