Baghdad Church Bombed: Jesus vs Mohammed

Posted: November 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

When is the last time you heard of a Christian group seizing a Muslim mosque during their prayers, holding all the Muslims hostage and the crime ending in 50-60 people dead? How about 800 years ago. What do you think the outcry and pure outrage would be, had a Christian group did this to the Muslims? It would be on every news channel in the world, all day non-stop. Yet, I would venture to say, many in America did not even hear of the event that took place in Baghdad on Sunday.

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In America, if a Christian minister just says he’s going to burn a Koran, it’s non-stop news for a week. A world outcry over how insulted the Muslim community would be. I certainly do not support the burning of any books, but the contrast is striking. Somehow, I don’t see Jesus organizing a Greek book burning. And I don’t see Him organizing a siege on the local temple to spread the fear of Christianity into the hearts of the non-believers. No, Jesus was cool. “Accept me or flat out reject me, it’s up to you”, was His style. No pressure from me one way or the other. Any religion whose foundation is not freedom, to choose or reject without retribution, is not a religion. It is tyranny.

There are some reports coming out of Iraq and Iran that the Christian believers are thriving under this persecution, much as it did in the first century. Reports of visions of Jesus, miracles, and whole village conversions have been told. For more on this revival that you will never hear on CNN or Fox for that matter, read Joel Rosenburg’s book, “Inside the Revival”. Joel is a former Israeli speech writer, novelist, Jewish Christian and a modern day Prophet concerning the Middle East and End Times.



As a Christian, I am to love my Muslim neighbor. As an American, I am to protect their right to freedom of worship. As a member of the human race, I am to stand against all crimes against the species, no matter how religious sounding their words are. This 800 year old mentality is simply unacceptable, no matter what holy sounding name it is given.


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