“Share the Wealth” is a Con-game

Posted: November 9, 2010 in General

A government enforced sharing of the common good, the re-distribution of wealth, is the oldest con-game in the books. As an idealistic young college student in the 70’s, I fully believed our government could solve all man-kinds problems. Just get the right people in office. Shortly thereafter, I became a follower of Jesus and discovered that indeed sharing was a good thing, with one huge difference. It was not to be forced on you by a third-party, no matter how well-meaning and sincere the third-party was.

Government forced sharing is nothing more than a con-game for votes and power. I do think the proponents of this old idea are like I was at 19 and sincerely believe their ideas will work best. Like VP Joe Biden in this video. Sincere and wrong is still wrong. If I tell someone, promise someone, that I will take more wealth from their selfish, rich, neighbor and freely give it to them – who are they going to vote for? Then, when this sincere government takes the wealth, who are they going to distribute it to? Those that will in turn vote for them, of course.

Another problem with government forced compliance is that it cannot thrive in an open, free thinking society.  If you ever take the time to study world history (of course, public schools do not teach this “version” of history anymore) for yourself, you will discover this to be true. In my lifetime, the former USSR, China, Cuba and many other nations have implemented some form of forced sharing of wealth. All the above, without exception, use their power to crush any opposition voice. Have you noticed the attempt at silencing opposing voices here in America the last few years? Any opposing voice is the “devil” in human form, ridiculed and must be stopped for the “good of all”. Government forced sharing always requires a silencing of opposing voices to remain in power.

God has never blessed a forced sharing of wealth. It’s tainted with self-interest. There is a sharing that He does encourage in scripture, however, as told in this Times Magazine article about Bill Gates. One day, while riding my motorcycle, God spoke this to me, “share it or lose it”. I will be blogging all week on this subject. If you would like to hear a full 45 minute talk I gave on this subject, please click here for the MP3 file.


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