#1 Way to Bring Back a Strong Economy

Posted: November 15, 2010 in General

“Share it or lose it”. This was the phrase that kept going over and over in my mind. Our economy sure seems to be in “lose it” mode right now. Will it get better from here or should we prepare for more of the same or heaven forbid, a worsening economy?
Did you know the Bible teaches, we bring a bad economy on ourselves? In the Old Testament, manna bred maggots, pockets developed holes and crops were devoured when God’s people would try to hold for themselves what He intended for them to SHARE. You see, sharing what we have with others, requires trust. Trust in God’s future provision. When people stop trusting, they start holding onto as much as they possibly can, including what God gave them to share and then all Hades breaks loose. Jesus said, you will be able to locate your level of trust by your level of sharing. He went on to say, when we try to hold for ourselves what He intends for us to share, we will lose it. Moths will eat it, rust will destroy it, thieves will break in and steal it. All are analogies for new ways of losing what we have. The thieves of wealth are rampant in America today. People are losing their jobs, their business, savings, retirement, property value and investments. All of which, just a few short years ago, were “safe” from these thieves. Trusting in uncertain riches, the Bible calls it and any who do are considered foolish. Not sharing what we are meant to share, holding onto what God intends for us to give away is what sets these thieves free to wreak havoc in our lives, homes, families, country and our economy.

Well, if holding too much of our treasure for our self, breeds thieves, what do you think will stop these persistent rascals? Exactly. Laying up treasure in heaven. Sharing! Holding too much for our self got us into this mess, holding less and sharing more, cleans it up. Our strong economy will return, our prosperity will increase, simply by sharing with others, the proper amount God expects of us.

The undeniable fact of these thieves is our proof, we have not been sharing at the level God expects of us. Proof we have been keeping for our self what was intended to be given. Proof that God is not impressed with the token crumbs from our table. He is expecting a bigger cut and until He gets it, I do not see any improvement in sight. Will our strong economy return, will our prosperity increase? It’s up to us.

Stay tuned, there are more blogs coming on this series and until then check out our newest MP3 “Share it or Lose it”. You can either listen online or download the audio file to your PC.

  1. Jon says:

    bro this is something I have been experiencing lately with God!!! sharing is something I don’t really have a problem with. What I feel like sharing isn’t a big deal…..but what God wants me to share is a whole different story!! I struggled through the first test but the second test came so quickly it didn’t even phase me….even though God wanted me to give up some awesome things that I had earned for myself over the years, I had no problem sharing and blessing people to fulfill needs in there lives. But like you said we can better ourselves on earth and in Heaven by just being obedient to God!!

  2. Rich says:

    That’s right! And when we do begin to invest in God’s system of sharing and giving into his work/his people he knows he can trust us with wealth and begins to bring even more into our life so that we may help his people even more. We will always be provided for! 🙂 Luke 19:16-27

    • j rains says:

      This is all good and in fact true that we MUST assuredly share our abundance and blessings with others, being greedy with Gods blessings is wickedness. It is taught in parables that the one who is wise and makes good choices with the masters possessions will be entrusted with more and the one who pilfers or cannot be trusted will not be given any more. Sharing and blessing others without seeking worldly reward is storing up our treasures in heaven, however the concept of sharing must be for the right reason and accompanied by fervent prayer of His people. Our world system or ‘economy’ will one day fail and a one world system will protrude, but in the meantime God has promised in 2 Chron 7:14 that “if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land”. Even the lost world will benefit from the humble submission of Gods people with healing on all the land, which encompasses our economic monetary system. We ought not be greedy with Gods blessings as our great and mighty God can fix everything man has screwed up in an instant but I believe not unless we call on Him and obey His Word.

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