Thanksgiving is for Sharing

Posted: November 18, 2010 in General

If we are sure something is about to expire, what do we do? We use it before it expires. If we have food that is about to spoil, what do we do? We use it before it does. Herein lies the secret to Sharing. If we know for sure, what we have will spoil or expire, we will use it before it does.

The Bible teaches there is a portion of what God gives us, that is to be used solely for sharing with others. If this portion is not used for sharing, it spoils. When we try to use that portion for anything other than sharing, it produces new, unplanned expenses in our life (see previous post).  You see, sharing is a universal law that cannot be broken without consequences.  This share portion is factory equipped to self destruct, as soon as it realizes it’s not going to be used for sharing. The treasure we are given for sharing, must be “layed up in heaven” or it will attract moths, rust and thieves.

Of course, being the resourceful creatures that we are, we come up with ways to “protect” it and keep it for our self. Our justifications for keeping it are just as creative. It’s for my kids and my family, to keep them safe, secure and give them a bright future. This is certainly sound reasoning, except for one simple fact. What is given to us for sharing has an expiration date. You or your children will not be allowed to keep it, nor benefit from it. The portion God gives us for sharing is like fresh vegetables or raw meat. They must be used before they rot or no one gets to use them.

So, my question to you is this: if you know for sure you do not get to keep or benefit from that portion meant for sharing, why not just share it before it’s lost? Once one comes to this “Share it or Lose it” realization, sharing it becomes a pure joy.

OK, lets say you agree, there is a portion God gives me that is to be used for no other purpose than to share with those in need. Let’s say you agree to do it. From this day forward, I will share the portion meant for sharing (and why not since I can’t keep it anyway). Here is the all important next question: How Much?

How much do I share? How do I know what portion is meant for me and what portion is meant for sharing. These are excellent questions and they will be answered in my next post! (Hint: the answer is not 10%) Until then, part two of the “Share it or Lose it” series is now available to listen to or download here. Enjoy!


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