Do you have a Mind Virus?

Posted: November 19, 2010 in General

We know about biological virus, even computer virus. Have you ever heard of a mind, mental, or thought virus?
How does any virus work? It touches a new host and immediately begins to duplicate and spread. Science tells us, this is how cancer cells or any virus works in the human body. Computer science tells us, this is also how a computer virus works. It touches or enters our computer, then begins duplicating and spreading, eating up memory and eventually freezing up the whole system.

Did you know our mind also works like a virus? Since birth, other people’s thoughts, words, and beliefs have entered our mind. Once inside, those thoughts duplicate and spread until they become our core beliefs, convictions and fears. This is why a parents thoughts and beliefs are so vital to a child’s health, well-being and ultimately the kind of person they become. The child is receiving and duplicating the thoughts touching their mind.

If this new science is true and our minds and thoughts do work like a virus, wouldn’t it make sense to guard the kind of thoughts our mind connects with? The Bible says to “cast down every thought” that doesn’t agree with Christ. Wouldn’t Jesus be the only “thought virus” we should subject our mind to? So His thoughts, words, sayings, and teachings would connect to our mind, duplicate and spread throughout our whole life?

All our other thoughts, beliefs, convictions, personal traits, characteristics, habits or addictions are simply the fruit of thoughts, which work as a virus, that was planted into our mind throughout our lifetime. They are not us, who we really are, who God made us to be. They are simply the result of the virus thoughts we have been exposed and connected to. God made us in His image. To think His thoughts, speak His words, and to become like Him! Why not “infect” our mind with His thoughts and cast out all others. Thoughts of love, joy, peace, victory, and abundance. These are the virus thoughts I want duplicating and spreading throughout my mind.

Here is a common example. All our life we have been told, work hard, save and to protect yourself from the “rainy day” by storing up treasure for yourself and family. This is the way to a good life. Yet, in the last 3 years, many have lost everything they have and so will the rest of us, if we do not change these “virus thoughts” we have been exposed to. This rainy day has lasted 3 years and may last much longer. So the master comes along and says, do not try to keep it all for yourself, but rather “lay up your treasure in heaven”, and by sharing it with others you will protect yourself from loss. This is a new thought for our “keep virus”mentality. Share, is a new virus that needs to duplicate and spread inside our mind and our actions.

Do you want some good thoughts to plant into you mind that will actually bring you good things? Read the last four posts here. Go to our audio page and listen to or download the 2 messages on “Share it or Lose it”. This will expose you to a bunch of share thoughts, that will enter, duplicate, spread and be a good start in renewing your mind and clearing out any old virus thinking.

There is a book out about this subject from the scientific point of view, by Richard Brodie (Bill Gates former partner at Microsoft), titled “Virus of the Mind”. Of course, the conclusions many times, are a joke, especially one’s about God, but the science of  how our mind works is fascinating. You can read it online at Google Books.


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