A Pastor’s 3 most shocking secret sins Revealed!

Posted: December 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

These sins are the most disgusting, shameful, embarrassing, damaging, destructive, debilitating, harmful and wasteful sins I have ever committed in my life. I have committed them many times over and still do today on occasion. They reveal an outright, direct rebellion to the Word of God and the teachings of Jesus.

For those of you hoping for some juicy, gossip worthy sins of the flesh, (those of which I also have and many of you know about), these sins are none of your business….:)  Sins of the flesh are not man-kinds real problem, anyway. Jesus said, the sins of the heart are what “defile the man”. And my 3 sins are of the heart. Hidden sins that are allowed to remain and even flourish in the modern day Christian church consumed with outward sins.

In Revelation 21:8, Jesus lists eight sins worthy of the lake of fire and the top two are: fear and unbelief. My 3 sins all have to do with fear, unbelief or a combination of the two. All 3 are rooted in holding beliefs in my heart that are in direct opposition to the Word of God and the teachings of Jesus. It is these hidden sins that are the most damaging.

Before I reveal my Big 3, we need to understand that any of our long held beliefs can change. They can be changed as quickly and as simply as a computer program can be updated or installed. Of course belief’s (programs) like, “I can’t change, this is who I am, this is who I have always been” or “I tried and could not do it”, certainly seem to us, unchangeable. Until we understand that beliefs are simply thoughts, just software programs uploaded to my super computer mind and that as software, they can be updated or erased. For more on this subject see blogs, “Do you have a mind virus?” and “The Power of Belief”. Those old beliefs (programs) can be changed to a new program like, “all things are possible to those who believe” or “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.

Okay, so what are my Big 3 sins? Well, the first one is a long held belief that “life was hard”. After 7 years pioneering a new work here in Ponce Inlet, I was convinced in my heart that life was hard and ministry was really hard! This all sounds normal and seems innocent and harmless, yet one day Jesus got my attention when He said to me, “why do you stubbornly persist in rebelling against my Word?” What? What do you mean, stubbornly rebelling?  “I said, life is easy and light and you are saying I am a liar”, He said to me. Sure enough, Matthew 11:28-30 says that life, working and serving with Jesus, is “easy and light”. This revelation and my subsequent repentance are covered in a series from last year, “The law of Faith”.

The other two sins are much more current and I will reveal them in upcoming posts and in my current series, “The Power of Belief”. You might be pleasantly surprised to discover just how easy it is to change a long-held belief. This will be the subject of this new series. Click the title to hear the first part and check back here for future posts and audio. Or, you can subscribe to my blog and receive email notifications of new posts and new audio.


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