The Power of Belief

Posted: December 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

What are beliefs? “Beliefs are something I believe in”, was one of the answers I received when I asked this question at Church, this past Sunday. The other responses were almost as vague. It’s a simple question, really. We all have beliefs and use them everyday of our life, yet when it comes to the definition, a striking non-clarity seems to prevail.

What if beliefs are just thoughts? Not some mysterious undefinable spiritual concept, but just thoughts. All beliefs begin as a thought. Thoughts are seeds, alive and powerful. All thoughts are like germs or a virus that enter our mind from an outside source. Once allowed in (or forced in), these thoughts begin to duplicate in our mind and spread just like a germ in our body or a virus in our computer. As a newborn baby, we are a blank hard drive. When the eyes open and the senses begin to receive data, (at about 4 billion bits per second) we begin our programming. From that point on, every thought we have comes through our senses from some outside source. Every single one. The thoughts that are repeated, rehearsed, and reinforced often enough, become our beliefs.

Beliefs are not truth. A few hundred years ago, everyone believed the earth was flat. This thought spread from one mind to another, passed down to each generation until everyone on earth believed this thought. It was inconceivable that someone could stand on the side of the earth or the bottom and not fall off. So, it was reasoned, the earth must be flat. Yet, all that belief did not make the thought true. Our beliefs are not truth, they are just simply what has been programmed into our minds and reinforced enough until they become our “truth”, our beliefs.

For more on this subject, see the new post, “A pastor’s 3 most shocking secret sins revealed” or listen to the new audio “The Power of Belief“.

  1. rick,
    your ideas are great.. if i am inspired then others will surely be inspired… i was just checking in on your stuff while enjoying the sun of cabos… definitely fulfilling word here of life being light and easy.
    you should write a blog.. life on vacation on planet earth

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