How I saved $120/mth on my Cable/Phone/Internet Bill

Posted: January 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

I know, I don’t usually write blogs on this stuff, as I am way too busy “saving the world” with my powerful insights…lol. But this is almost too good to be true and I wanted to share it with you.

I was paying over $170/month on my Brighthouse bill, for cable TV, high-speed internet and phone service. They give you a better deal for the first 12 months, but once that time expires, this was my price. Almost $16/month was just taxes and fees ($192/yr – don’t even get me started on that). Well, I am currently in cut back mode (also, something our government should Anything I can cut, gets cut. It’s healthy, you know. Jesus called it “pruning” in order to bear more fruit. So, I have been looking at alternatives for these services.

Here is what I came up with. First, I purchased this digital HD antenna from this website, for $57 dollars and free shipping.

This thing is small and looks like it should be on a space ship in the 50’s. They say to attach it to a steel pole about 3 feet above your roof. This one works so well, I simply have it laying on the floor of my attic, facing the digital tower in Orlando (almost 40 miles away!). I now get about 40 channels, most in HD, the quality is even better than Brighthouse (they pull their channels from the same tower), with enough choices for me and it’s absolutely FREE! (No, I do not get a commission for selling them.)

Second, I purchased a MagicJack internet phone from their web page for $20 and an additional $20 a YEAR (not a month)for phone service. You are required to get a new phone number, but outside of that, we love it. If your PC is not on, any calls automatically go in to voice mail. Free voice mail, it works with our old phone, the quality is very good and it’s almost FREE!

Lastly, I need a fast internet connection, because we do a lot of work and social media on the internet. This was my biggest concern. We had a very fast broadband service with Brighthouse and I needed it to be as good or at least close. We chose Clear wireless 4G service and purchased it from their web page. We settled on their fastest service and the cost is $45 a month, plus a $7 a month modem lease (you can buy the modem and not have this fee) and the tax/fees are about $1 a month, making a grand total of $53 a month. The service is excellent, fast and the modem can wireless connect to up to 8 devices (game consoles, PC, TV, etc.).

We could not be happier with the new changes and the total monthly cost for all three services is $53 a month compared to $172 a month, saving $119 a month or a whopping $1428 a year! What if one million Christians in America made this switch and we all saved $1400 a year and we gave it to our Church, minister or to help others in need? That’s $1.4 billion dollars freed up to use for the Kingdom of God this year. What a difference we could make and we would not even notice the change.

  1. dawn says:

    i always wondered about magicjack…thanx!! now….if only there was an answer to the extreme cell phone costs……!! 😉

  2. Nice reading! We eliminated our land line phone because we use our cell phones and when we did that we no longer needed the dial up internet. By going to a wireless internet we have saved $50+ a month. We also can fruits, veggies and different sauces! Numerous ideas to save funds so we can donate more!

  3. Rich Tidwell says:

    This type of idea could start a financial awakening if people put this suggestion into practice. Think of all the lives that could be touched by $1.4 Billion, for the sake of having a few less channels! 2 Corinthians 9:6-15

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