Pledge of Allegiance…to the REPUBLIC!

Posted: February 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

Our allegiance is to the Republic, not the democracy. We have something better than mob rule, crowd rule, loudest people rule and that is; free and fair elections. We elect representatives to govern for us and if we don’t like how they do it, we VOTE them out. Much of the world has not enjoyed free and fair elections for the past 300+ years, like we have. For us to resist, tear down, revolt against our system is pure ignorance. Our system of governing is the best the world has ever achieved. The fairest, the most equal and by far the most enjoyable to live in. The poor in our county live as kings, compared to much of the third world. Could we do a better job helping them? You bet.  For starters, we could all do a better job of simply being more thankful to God, for the opportunity to just be alive in the greatest country in the history of civilization.

The people protesting right now in many states are government employees, whom are getting paid better than most of the workers in their respective states. These states have high unemployment rates with thousands of people who are praying for a job that pays as much as the jobs these people are protesting about. Many in their states have lost their jobs, their homes, and their comforts, yet these protesters cannot imagine having to pay more for their benefits. In this economy, when everyone feels the pinch, their protests sound like spoiled kids who have been told they must give up some comforts, until things can improve. Their political leaders are also acting like spoiled little babies who refuse to abide by their oath and allegiance to our republic. Our allegiance is to the system, the country, the republic, not just to one party or the other. Allegiance to free and fair elections is the genius of the United States. One party lost in November and will probably lose again in 2012, so now they are whining and don’t like the system anymore. “Mob should rule, protesters should win, whoever cries the loudest, should get the attention”, they seem to be saying. Yet in a republic, the winners of the election are to govern as they see fit. It’s the best system out there. Not a perfect system with perfect people running it – that’s called Heaven – but it is the best there is down here.

The spiritual answer to all this discord, is this: you do not need one thing to be happy. Not one person to change, not one new possession, not one condition to improve. Every person can be happy, be content as Paul said it, in any condition. The lie of the world is – “this thing” will make you happy, or “that thing” will give you what you seek. More is what you need. More possessions, more money, more friends, more power, more, more, more. It’s a lie folks. If you are not happy now with God and your connection to Him, you will not be happy should you gain the whole world. Should you get it all, all the power, all the things, have it your exact way – you will still be empty inside. Only your connection to God can fill the void in your heart.

The unrest in the world today is just a mirror of the unrest in the human heart. There has been and always will be, only one cure. Wise men still seek Him. Seek out a good Church this Sunday morning, you might just find what you are looking for.

  1. these are great thoughts. something to ponder as the smell of coffee fills the air

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