Pensions/Retirement = the Snake Oil of our generation

Posted: April 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

I live in Florida,  in a beautiful seaside town with many retired folks. One of them, who lives in a oceanfront condo, told me the other day, “the people in my building are so negative, all they do is complain all day long, it’s so depressing just being around them”. With no purpose, no plan to benefit society, and an empty soul. Their minds become full of murmuring and complaining and this toxic negative emotion fills their bodies full of sickness and disease. Now that is the true picture of retirement – paradise in our later years. Did you know the Hebrew culture has no word for “retirement”? The concept does not exist. Of working hard all your life so that one day, you don’t have to do anything and still get paid for it. To their culture that equals a slow and painful death. Yet, it is the American dream.

Being promised to be taken care of for the rest of your life, by a government or company is the biggest con of our generation. It reminds me of the wagon that would roll into town a 150 years ago and out of the back he would sell an elixir that would cure all ailments known to man. Of course, many would believe this “too good to be true” claim and buy into this new wonder drug. By the time the hoax was realized, the “snake oil” salesman was long gone to the next town. Well, we laugh at these simpletons now, but whoever the mathematical genius was that came up with this idea of governments and corporations being able to provide for their current work force and the previous two generations and still be able to stay afloat indefinitely, must have been a descendent of the snake oil guy! Today, we have a generation of people who have also been promised this same impossible dream and the governments and corporations who have made this snake oil miracle promise, can not carry the load, remain solvent and fulfill those promises.

We are being promised that our all-knowing, all-powerful government will be able to pull this off. The evil, greedy corporations don’t know how, but your kind, caring government can do it. Snake oil! I do not believe them for a second. No one short of Jesus Christ himself can do the impossible.

We are a generation that has forsaken faith in God and have turned to government for our help. Depend on your God to take care of you and look out for each other. If you are retired, get active, volunteer, help somebody. In doing so, you will keep your soul alive. If you are still working, trust God to prosper you and depend on yourself, your family, your friends, your neighbors. That is all you need and all you will ever need on this earth. “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and all these things will be added to you”. Now that’s true paradise on earth.


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