Inner Circle

It’s impossible to get new results without DOING something different. To expect to grow, improve and develop spiritually just from time and life experience goes against everything we know to be true in life. That’s like a farmer expecting a big wheat harvest simply because he has years of experience eating loaves of bread. We must put forth new action in order to experience new results. What can you do, beginning today, to start down the path of improved results, better health, more rewarding relationships and abundant provision? What are you going to do today, to actually see new results, one year from now?

If the cry of your heart is more of God, more meaning, more life and that life more abundant, then you must begin today, to DO something you are not yet doing. That’s what the Inner Circle is all about. A group of like-minded people who have made a public commitment to improve their results. A group of like-minded people, are ten times stronger than the strongest individual. God never intended we go it alone. Jesus choose a group of people  to follow Him and not just isolated individuals. An inner circle of believers to be with Him and with each other, as the best way to grow  and develop into the world changers they came to be. The miracle of the internet allows sold out like-minded believers from across the globe to join together and sharpen their skills. “Iron sharpens iron” said the wisest man who ever lived.

The Inner Circle is a group of people from all faiths, backgrounds and denominations who desire in their heart to be more like Jesus. People, just like yourself, who have made a public declaration, who want to be held accountable, who have made a commitment to sharing a minimum of 10% of their wealth and income, to those in need. Believers who actually practice laying up treasure in heaven and have decided that man cannot serve two masters. People who have come to the realization, wherever we put our treasure is where our heart is. A people who no longer trust in this worlds wisdom for our welfare and the future safety of our families. Simply, a people who believe in the universal law of “Share it or Lose it” and that only through sharing will we be protected.

If this sounds like something for you, here is how to get started.

Step 1 Listen to the series “Share it or Lose it”

Step 2 Register your email address on the Blog home page or here.

Step 3 You will be sent a Free membership agreement to be filled in and returned.

Step 4 Look for email notices of new blogs, MP3’s, online group discussions, webinars, and events of our “Share it or Lose it” ministry.

  1. Wow, I didn’t know you guys are Pastors! That’s so awsome to learn that. I will see you Sunday!

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