Check out Nina’s blog on Leslie Nielsen, her 2nd cousin.

Leslie Nielsen known for his comic role as  Frank Drebin in the popular film series “The Naked Gun“, “Airplane” and 1972′s film “The Poseidon Adventure” died at the age of 84 with his wife and two daughters at his side.
Leslie and my father the late Marinus (Bob) Nielsen were first cousins.  I remember as a child while visiting family in California, my parents would go and visit with Leslie and his family.  It wasn’t until as an adult while  living in Arizona was I able to meet Leslie for the first time.  My husband who worked in advertising  had heard that Leslie was going to be in the Phoenix area promoting his golf video.  I was able to contact the company that was head of promotions at the time and they forwarded my message to Leslie.  That evening I received a call and when I picked up the phone, I knew by the sound of his voice who it was.  As he began to kindly introduce himself, I said, “I know who you are” and began to thank him for taking time out of his schedule to call.  He invited me and my family to meet him at the location that he would be promoting his golf video.  I remember it was a video store (of course) the manager allowed me, my husband Rick and our son Rich to wait in the back.  I remember seeing through the back entrance door, (that had been left open) a car pull up and watched him as he walked up the steps.  Leslie was very kind.  We chatted a bit about family and about his career.  We were so excited to meet him…I couldn’t believe it, I remember thinking “I’m related to a big movie star!”
I will always cherish a photograph that was taken and given to us by a local photographer.
I am also sad that now as a full time minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ,  I was not able to share the Love of God with him.  In fact, the night before his death, for some odd reason I remember thinking (not knowing he was hospitalized for Pneumonia) “Does Leslie know about Jesus?” “He’s getting old, is he going to die soon?”  It’s ironic, because just a few years ago after visiting my Dad in Michigan, and while I was driving away, I had this thought, “Is my Dad going to go be with Jesus soon?” When I arrived back in Florida, about a week later, I received a call from my older sister that our Dad had just passed.
I have made the decision that I am not going to hold back anymore.  When I feel a compelling to share God’s love with anyone, especially family…I am just going to do it!  I am no longer going to worry about offending them.  If  I do, then I’ve at least done what is in my heart to do and at least, even if it’s not accepted well, they will have heard and be given the opportunity to open their hearts and lives to the One who loves and died for them and who God raised from the dead.  They will have heard that Jesus,  the Son of God is their only way into Heaven.  I love my family and friends that much!
If you’re still reading this then chances are you’re open.  Maybe your a blogger, or someone I know, you may even be a member of my family…whoever you are, just know that God loves you!  Jesus died for our sins, the bible says that He (Jesus) became sin, who knew no sin….and that because of what He did for us, made it possible for us to enter into Heaven, just by believing in Jesus Christ….all He asks of us it to believe, ask Him to forgive us and believe me He WILL, that’s how awesome He is.  Ask Him to help you follow him.  He will not force himself on you!  He will not make you change!  But if we ask Him, His love will compell us to “want” to know Him more! And believe me, you’re life will be all the better for it.
God Bless You!
Pastor Nina (Nielsen) Tidwell
Ponce Church


Just watched the movie, Elf, again last night. Will Farrell and Zooey Deschanel, what’s not to like! However, the bad father message in the film really stood out to me this year. I can not count the movies this past year I have seen, where the evil greedy capitalist businessman or the over committed working father that neglects his children, is the bad guy. Of course, this  storyline is written, acted and directed by multimillionaire socialist “artists” who have done pretty well in this capitalist society. I guess fathers would have more time for their children working in a compassionate government job, living in a government provided apartment? It’s funny though, these compassionate socialist government leaders and the artists that support them would still live the abundant lavish lifestyle “they deserve” for being the leaders in this working class revolution. At least, that has proven to always be the case, every time in history, this government promised “heaven on earth” has been implemented.

Herein lies the problem to their version of heaven on earth. Once in power, there is just no equal way for equal distribution for all. Rabbi Daniel Lapin, in his book, “Thou Shall Prosper” (great read, by the way) uses this analogy. Lets say an island only has 20 oceanfront lots. Not enough for everyone in the society to have an ocean front lot. Who gets the ocean front lot? The compassionate government has to choose and how do they choose? History tells us, the government leaders and their famous/popular supporters get them. Then who gets the lots next to them and so on and so on. The fairest way, of course, is for the government to stay out of the decision-making process of who gets what and simply provide a fair playing field for the individual to “pursue happiness” as they see fit.

Why is it, that only socialist’s can be compassionate? Especially since history has proven them out to be just as greedy as capitalists, once in power. Why can’t a capitalist be compassionate and freely share their wealth with others? Why would people in government, by default, be a more compassionate group? History says they are not any more compassionate and many times, once in power, much more ruthless. The compassionate capitalist seems to me the only hope of the “heaven on earth”, the socialist’s promise.

I would love to see a movie about the compassionate capitalist, simply from the goodness in his heart, helping his fellow-man. People like billionaire Jon Huntsman and his cancer research institute. Of course this happens all over America everyday, but you would never know it listening to the “voices” of today.

Freedom to chart your own course and helping your fellow-man along the way is the only road to “heaven on earth”, as I see it.

We do a lot of fun things on Thanksgiving. Most get a day off work to spend with family, friends, and food. Whatever else I happen to be doing this Thanksgiving, I shall spend the whole day giving thanks. Actually giving thanks all day on Thanksgiving! When I see someone I love, taste some food I really like, watch the Lions lose on TV while sitting in a soft comfortable couch, this year I am going to give thanks.

What do you have to be thankful for? How many good things do we have? For this day, I shall set everything else on the back burner. Only giving thanks for the good in my life. Not a bad way to spend a day. Come to think of it, not a bad way to spend a life.

Happy Day of Giving Thanks, everyone!

Do you have a Mind Virus?

Posted: November 19, 2010 in General

We know about biological virus, even computer virus. Have you ever heard of a mind, mental, or thought virus?
How does any virus work? It touches a new host and immediately begins to duplicate and spread. Science tells us, this is how cancer cells or any virus works in the human body. Computer science tells us, this is also how a computer virus works. It touches or enters our computer, then begins duplicating and spreading, eating up memory and eventually freezing up the whole system.

Did you know our mind also works like a virus? Since birth, other people’s thoughts, words, and beliefs have entered our mind. Once inside, those thoughts duplicate and spread until they become our core beliefs, convictions and fears. This is why a parents thoughts and beliefs are so vital to a child’s health, well-being and ultimately the kind of person they become. The child is receiving and duplicating the thoughts touching their mind.

If this new science is true and our minds and thoughts do work like a virus, wouldn’t it make sense to guard the kind of thoughts our mind connects with? The Bible says to “cast down every thought” that doesn’t agree with Christ. Wouldn’t Jesus be the only “thought virus” we should subject our mind to? So His thoughts, words, sayings, and teachings would connect to our mind, duplicate and spread throughout our whole life?

All our other thoughts, beliefs, convictions, personal traits, characteristics, habits or addictions are simply the fruit of thoughts, which work as a virus, that was planted into our mind throughout our lifetime. They are not us, who we really are, who God made us to be. They are simply the result of the virus thoughts we have been exposed and connected to. God made us in His image. To think His thoughts, speak His words, and to become like Him! Why not “infect” our mind with His thoughts and cast out all others. Thoughts of love, joy, peace, victory, and abundance. These are the virus thoughts I want duplicating and spreading throughout my mind.

Here is a common example. All our life we have been told, work hard, save and to protect yourself from the “rainy day” by storing up treasure for yourself and family. This is the way to a good life. Yet, in the last 3 years, many have lost everything they have and so will the rest of us, if we do not change these “virus thoughts” we have been exposed to. This rainy day has lasted 3 years and may last much longer. So the master comes along and says, do not try to keep it all for yourself, but rather “lay up your treasure in heaven”, and by sharing it with others you will protect yourself from loss. This is a new thought for our “keep virus”mentality. Share, is a new virus that needs to duplicate and spread inside our mind and our actions.

Do you want some good thoughts to plant into you mind that will actually bring you good things? Read the last four posts here. Go to our audio page and listen to or download the 2 messages on “Share it or Lose it”. This will expose you to a bunch of share thoughts, that will enter, duplicate, spread and be a good start in renewing your mind and clearing out any old virus thinking.

There is a book out about this subject from the scientific point of view, by Richard Brodie (Bill Gates former partner at Microsoft), titled “Virus of the Mind”. Of course, the conclusions many times, are a joke, especially one’s about God, but the science of  how our mind works is fascinating. You can read it online at Google Books.

Thanksgiving is for Sharing

Posted: November 18, 2010 in General

If we are sure something is about to expire, what do we do? We use it before it expires. If we have food that is about to spoil, what do we do? We use it before it does. Herein lies the secret to Sharing. If we know for sure, what we have will spoil or expire, we will use it before it does.

The Bible teaches there is a portion of what God gives us, that is to be used solely for sharing with others. If this portion is not used for sharing, it spoils. When we try to use that portion for anything other than sharing, it produces new, unplanned expenses in our life (see previous post).  You see, sharing is a universal law that cannot be broken without consequences.  This share portion is factory equipped to self destruct, as soon as it realizes it’s not going to be used for sharing. The treasure we are given for sharing, must be “layed up in heaven” or it will attract moths, rust and thieves.

Of course, being the resourceful creatures that we are, we come up with ways to “protect” it and keep it for our self. Our justifications for keeping it are just as creative. It’s for my kids and my family, to keep them safe, secure and give them a bright future. This is certainly sound reasoning, except for one simple fact. What is given to us for sharing has an expiration date. You or your children will not be allowed to keep it, nor benefit from it. The portion God gives us for sharing is like fresh vegetables or raw meat. They must be used before they rot or no one gets to use them.

So, my question to you is this: if you know for sure you do not get to keep or benefit from that portion meant for sharing, why not just share it before it’s lost? Once one comes to this “Share it or Lose it” realization, sharing it becomes a pure joy.

OK, lets say you agree, there is a portion God gives me that is to be used for no other purpose than to share with those in need. Let’s say you agree to do it. From this day forward, I will share the portion meant for sharing (and why not since I can’t keep it anyway). Here is the all important next question: How Much?

How much do I share? How do I know what portion is meant for me and what portion is meant for sharing. These are excellent questions and they will be answered in my next post! (Hint: the answer is not 10%) Until then, part two of the “Share it or Lose it” series is now available to listen to or download here. Enjoy!

#1 Way to Bring Back a Strong Economy

Posted: November 15, 2010 in General

“Share it or lose it”. This was the phrase that kept going over and over in my mind. Our economy sure seems to be in “lose it” mode right now. Will it get better from here or should we prepare for more of the same or heaven forbid, a worsening economy?
Did you know the Bible teaches, we bring a bad economy on ourselves? In the Old Testament, manna bred maggots, pockets developed holes and crops were devoured when God’s people would try to hold for themselves what He intended for them to SHARE. You see, sharing what we have with others, requires trust. Trust in God’s future provision. When people stop trusting, they start holding onto as much as they possibly can, including what God gave them to share and then all Hades breaks loose. Jesus said, you will be able to locate your level of trust by your level of sharing. He went on to say, when we try to hold for ourselves what He intends for us to share, we will lose it. Moths will eat it, rust will destroy it, thieves will break in and steal it. All are analogies for new ways of losing what we have. The thieves of wealth are rampant in America today. People are losing their jobs, their business, savings, retirement, property value and investments. All of which, just a few short years ago, were “safe” from these thieves. Trusting in uncertain riches, the Bible calls it and any who do are considered foolish. Not sharing what we are meant to share, holding onto what God intends for us to give away is what sets these thieves free to wreak havoc in our lives, homes, families, country and our economy.

Well, if holding too much of our treasure for our self, breeds thieves, what do you think will stop these persistent rascals? Exactly. Laying up treasure in heaven. Sharing! Holding too much for our self got us into this mess, holding less and sharing more, cleans it up. Our strong economy will return, our prosperity will increase, simply by sharing with others, the proper amount God expects of us.

The undeniable fact of these thieves is our proof, we have not been sharing at the level God expects of us. Proof we have been keeping for our self what was intended to be given. Proof that God is not impressed with the token crumbs from our table. He is expecting a bigger cut and until He gets it, I do not see any improvement in sight. Will our strong economy return, will our prosperity increase? It’s up to us.

Stay tuned, there are more blogs coming on this series and until then check out our newest MP3 “Share it or Lose it”. You can either listen online or download the audio file to your PC.

“Share the Wealth” is a Con-game

Posted: November 9, 2010 in General

A government enforced sharing of the common good, the re-distribution of wealth, is the oldest con-game in the books. As an idealistic young college student in the 70’s, I fully believed our government could solve all man-kinds problems. Just get the right people in office. Shortly thereafter, I became a follower of Jesus and discovered that indeed sharing was a good thing, with one huge difference. It was not to be forced on you by a third-party, no matter how well-meaning and sincere the third-party was.

Government forced sharing is nothing more than a con-game for votes and power. I do think the proponents of this old idea are like I was at 19 and sincerely believe their ideas will work best. Like VP Joe Biden in this video. Sincere and wrong is still wrong. If I tell someone, promise someone, that I will take more wealth from their selfish, rich, neighbor and freely give it to them – who are they going to vote for? Then, when this sincere government takes the wealth, who are they going to distribute it to? Those that will in turn vote for them, of course.

Another problem with government forced compliance is that it cannot thrive in an open, free thinking society.  If you ever take the time to study world history (of course, public schools do not teach this “version” of history anymore) for yourself, you will discover this to be true. In my lifetime, the former USSR, China, Cuba and many other nations have implemented some form of forced sharing of wealth. All the above, without exception, use their power to crush any opposition voice. Have you noticed the attempt at silencing opposing voices here in America the last few years? Any opposing voice is the “devil” in human form, ridiculed and must be stopped for the “good of all”. Government forced sharing always requires a silencing of opposing voices to remain in power.

God has never blessed a forced sharing of wealth. It’s tainted with self-interest. There is a sharing that He does encourage in scripture, however, as told in this Times Magazine article about Bill Gates. One day, while riding my motorcycle, God spoke this to me, “share it or lose it”. I will be blogging all week on this subject. If you would like to hear a full 45 minute talk I gave on this subject, please click here for the MP3 file.